"Flights to Queenstown in New Zealand offer spectacular scenery as you come in to land!"

  Flights to Queenstown in New Zealand are spectacular in every respect, no matter where you depart from.

  The backdrop of the Southern Alps, the blue waters of Lake Wakatipu and the rocky outcrops of the Remarkables  ensure that the flight is never boring.

  The video below shows the final descent into Queenstown airport.


  The film shows about a minute and a half of the approach and landing:

  Firstly, the initial traces of a new settlement for those lucky enough to acquire a piece of the now extremely upmarket priced property available in and around Queenstown - a miniature network of snaking roads, leading to the imaginary doorsteps of luxury houses not yet built. New Zealand resort real estate to dream about, literally!

  Crossing the ridge above the new property development a hint of blue of the river beyond comes into view.

  You can then see the river and a tributary coming down from the barren hills, more hills, and then the flight follows the river.

Suddenly, as if on command, a typical Shotover Jet jetboat appears on the scene, shooting out of a tributary and turning into the main river as it speeds along its way with a group of excited tourists!

  Just as unexpectedly the runway suddenly appears beneath you - it's on a plateau high above the river, an abrupt ending to all flights to Queenstown in New Zealand

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