"The Grape Escape

Wine Tour Of New Zealand"

  The Grape Escape wine tour of New Zealand is about much more than just vineyards and wine in New Zealand, as you'll see when you watch the video below.


While the theme of the tour is very obviously about seeing great vineyards, tasting great wine, and both cooking and enjoying great food - it's also about having a great time. The participants in our film obviously did!

It all begins rather sedately with a majestic interplay of still photos showing vineyard scenes and our heroes preparing and then devouring an exquisite meal of New Zealand venison.

   After dinner though, things start to get moving!.

  If you enjoy jet boating on shallow rocky rivers and down foaming rapids, zipping across the open sea in a different kind of speed boat, or if scenic flights in small planes are your idea of having a good time, you are going to enjoy this!

  Not just once do we have the feeling of sitting in the cockpit  of a light aircraft as it rises from Milford Sound and sweeps across the Southern Alps, or takes us to an isolated beach with a wonderfully blue ocean bay that seems to stretch out forever.

Now and then we are reminded of the "wine" aspect of the tour, but for the most part it is an adventurous cocktail of exhilarating experiences.

And our tour participants are no spring chickens, so this is the kind of thing anyone can do!

  There are many ways to see New Zealand, but judging by this video, as good a way as any is to go on a
Grape Escape wine tour of New Zealand!

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