"Mount Cook 

in New Zealand's 

Southern Alps - 

It's Not Quite Paradise"

  Mount Cook, New Zealand, also known as Aoraki, the "sky piercer", is the country's highest mountain. Set in the heart of the stunning Southern Alps, while it's "not quite paradise", some would say it comes pretty close!


Particularly stunning are the fascinating colours when seen from afar - especially the amazing turquoise blue of Lake Pukaki at its feet, and the masses of lupins typical of the area. Both feature in the multimedia show on this page.

Not far away is the iconic Church of the Good Shepherd, also seen here. Located on the shores of nearby Lake Tekapo and dedicated to the pioneers of the Mackenzie Country, in recent times it has become an increasingly popular venue for romantic weddings.

  Certainly it is a striking setting for anyone considering getting married in New Zealand!

   Not surprisingly, it is now possible to get a "Church of the Good Shepherd Wedding Package", but the couple who created the impressive, if brief, presentation here seem to have been content with just a photo... (maybe they'll come back ;-) ).

  In comparison to the modest little church, Mount Cook rises like a majestic cathedral of nature, and we are treated with images of it from many aspects and in different lights and weather.

  Contrasting with the alpine summits in the background, small streams closer to hand provide a lively intermezzo as we accompany the couple up the slopes of the mountain within the boundaries of Mount Cook National Park.

  Above all the element of water dominates in this feast for the eyes that, thanks to well chosen music to go with it, makes you feel like you can't get enough of it!

  So don't be shy, if you find it "grabs" you and makes you want to go there right now, to this little piece of paradise, just watch and listen to it again...and again...and again ....and take yourself there, to
Mount Cook, New Zealand!

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